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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to be a member of VIN or register if I want to attend the session but I don't want CE credit?
No, the session is open to veterinarians and veterinary students who are not VIN members.

2) I'd like to earn CE credit for my participation in this session. How do I do that?
For veterinarians, you must have at least a trial membership for VIN to participate for credit. There is no charge to participate in the session and earn CE credits although you must register prior to the official close of course registration. After you register, you will receive email confirming your registration. This confirmation letter will describe the requirements for earning CE credit in this and other VIN CE courses.

3) Where are the Library materials for this session?
The background materials for the session are located in the Public CE Course Library. (VIN Members only)

4) How do I find the live, interactive session?
The real-time session will be held in the VIN Unity Conferencing Center.

Once you have downloaded and installed the current version of FLASH, there is a link to the Classroom on the main course navigation bar.

The real-time session is structured like a class discussion session - rather than a lecture. Although the instructor will direct the session, active participation by the class members is encouraged! You will find a description of ONLINE PROTOCOL for real-time sessions on the chat page.

5) Whom do I contact if I need help?
If you need any help using the VIN or VSPN websites, contact VINGRAM or call 800.700.4636. If it is after normal business hours, listen for the prompts.

In order to ensure the real-time session runs smoothly, VIN tech support will be available beginning 30 minutes before the session and will continue throughout the real-time session. If you are new to VIN Unity, we suggest you visit a practice session (usually takes about 10 minutes) or arrive about 20 minutes early to the session. This will give you plenty of time to get into the room and practice "speaking" in the chatroom and "accepting" web-tours (if needed).

If you have any technical glitches during the session, please contact tech support so we can address the problem and get you back to class as quickly as possible. VIN tech support will be available for technical questions at 800.700.4636.

For 30 minutes prior to the session and during the first part of the session, technical support will also be available via Live Support. You will see the button for Live Support on the first page of this course area. We are also available by phone at 800.700.4636.

6) How do I post questions or comments on the message board for this session?
The course message boards are open to VIN members and course registrants for 7 days after the interactive session. Questions and discussions arising from the course materials, interactive session, or clinical case material relevant to the course should be posted on the course message boards. Message board discussions are an essential element of a successful online class. This is where topics can be explored in depth and applied to clinical cases and real practice situations.

Thank you for using VIN's online CE!

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