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Chat PROTOCOL for the session
PROTOCOL is meant to help keep order, NOT to inhibit participation -- we love participation!

Due to the high expected attendance, we will be having a Moderated session. Therefore, the protocol will be slightly different than the protocol that you may be familiar with from previous CE courses or rounds sessions.

Easy rules to follow:
1. To avoid having everyone speak at the same time, the leaders are the only ones who should speak without being recognized.

2. Because this is a moderated session - you will be unable to send text directly into the classroom during moderated periods. Questions that you send will instead go to the QUESTION SCREENER, and the Instructors will look through them and decide which questions they have time to answer.

3. If the Instructors choose your question, you will see it in the room later, at the time when they have chosen to stop to answer questions. If your question is not answered, we will still log it; it WILL be counted for participation credit.

4. For those attendees participating for CE credit, both questions and poll answers will count toward the participation CE credit. So, please participate in the polls!

5. Please do not send a private message to the course instructors because it can be very distracting to what they are trying to do. If you have a technical question, send it to Debbie, Andrea, Ethel or one of the other VIN personnel who will be around to help with the session.

One other comment -- if you don't get to ask your question or say what you want, don't get the answer you were expecting, or want to expand upon a topic -- bring it up on the message boards. We can go into much greater depth there :)

Using the Classroom

VIN has upgraded the Unity Classroom software. This requires you have the most recent Macromedia Flash Player. Please be sure you have downloaded the latest Macromedia Flash Player:

Is this your first time using the classroom? Please review the help documentation ( ) and plan to attend the scheduled practice session(s).

Participants Enrolled in the Course and VIN Members

If you are a VIN member or enrolled in this course, click here to enter the classroom. If you have not yet logged into VIN, you will be asked to do so on your way in. If you are enrolled in this course, you MUST access the classroom through here in order for your participation to be logged for CE credit.

Not Enrolled in the Course and Not a VIN Member

If you are not enrolled in this course and would like to attend the classroom session, fill out the quick form below. Then hit the "Join the Discussion" button to enter the classroom. Your participation will not be logged and you are not eligible for CE credit.

First Name
Last Name
Vet School
Year Graduated
Phone (incl. area code)
Clinic/Hospital Affiliaton

?Have a question about VIN CE? Need help with course access?

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