VIN - Randolph Baral - Featured Consultant

Randolph Baral

Board Certification

  • Member Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Feline Medicine 2001)


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (University of Sydney 1991)

Current Professional Activities

Marital Status

  • married to Melissa Catt BVSc since 1996, we've been together 1988 (vet school sweethearts and still very much in love)


  • Elizabeth (Born 30/1/1998)
  • Amelia (Born 29/6/1999)


  • Pushkin, spayed female DSH (1994)
  • Jake, 3-legged castrated male DSH (2004)
  • Peg, spayed female DSH (2004)


  • VIN
  • Reading
  • Swimming, cycling, running

Favorite Quote

  • "You don't eat a potato as hot as you cook it" (an old Polish proverb taught to me by my father which means that difficult situations 'cool down' with time)

What I like Most About VIN

  • To have journal searches, Plumb's, archives of conversations with experts AS WELL AS just being able to ask recognised experts makes VIN an incredible resource.

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