Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Updates

Hurricane Katrina has created a major disaster in multiple states. Communication networks are still unreliable, but as we receive news updates related to veterinary medical matters, we will post them here. If you have official information pertaining to information resources, donation sites, etc., please forward it to

Returning Pets to their Owners

Information Resources:

"How Can I Help?"

If you would like to make a donation toward the relief work, please check out these groups:

To make donating easier, the VIN Foundation, a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, has created a secure online Donation Form, so that you can help the organizations involved in the veterinary medical efforts. The VIN Foundation will make sure that 100 percent of your donation is forwarded to the relief group that you designate. (The VIN Foundation is covering the credit card, programming, and transaction fees.)

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Date Published: September 1, 2005