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100 Million Mask Challenge: Fu Face Mask Pattern
Published: March 25, 2020
Communication from the Kentucky VMA

Click here to download patterns for Fu Face Masks.

As you may know there is currently a global shortage of surgical masks and supplies. These shortages are affecting both the human and veterinary medical communities, and we believe the shortages will worsen. The shortage of masks is becoming so dire that on Friday Gov. DeWine of Ohio asked that veterinarians turn over all their unused surgical masks so they can be distributed to human healthcare workers.

The KVMA feels it is important to aid efforts to keep our staffs/hospitals safe and functioning, as well as to help our human counterparts who are working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. This past week, several human hospitals launched the 100 Million Mask Challenge, also known as #millionmaskchallenge or #millionmaskmayday. The KVMA has decided to participate and invite you and your clients to join the 100 Million Mask Challenge in the hopes of creating millions of cloth surgical masks. Here’s what’s involved:

First - Please communicate with your clients the urgent need for surgical masks and ask if they are willing to start sewing/creating cloth masks. Cotton is the preferred material for most masks. Provide them links or the Fu Face.pdf of patterns for face masks (below).

  1. Providence St. Joseph Face Mask Video:
  2. Button Counter Picture Tutorial:
  3. Joann Fabric Video Tutorial:
  4. Fu Face Mask Instructions: (In Mandarin the word “fu” has two meanings, “good luck” and “bat.” Bats are considered good luck in China.)

Second - Set up a method for clients to safely drop the masks off at your clinic and replace your commercially made masks with the cloth masks. Cloth masks can be laundered and reused. 

Optional Task - For clients who are accomplished seamstresses and willing to do more, surgical gowns are also a need. We are currently looking for a pattern to accomplish this.

Please RSVP if your clinic/staff are willing to participate in the 100 Milllion Mask Challenge and please also share this announcement with friends, family and any interested parties. Any mask they complete will help 2 sets of people and help us pay it forward. Feel free to contact us with any questions or visit our event page at

Together we can make a difference! Stay safe, stay well and thank you for your support.

Laura Seheult  (KVMA President)
KVMA Board