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Magnetic Blankets

Date Published: 06/22/2015

The use of magnetic blankets and other magnetic products for animals has been reported to be effective at preventing disease, decreasing muscle soreness, increasing wound healing and decreasing pain by increasing blood flow to the tissues. Many people also say the magnets give a calming effect. However, there is little scientific information indicating magnets are effective at increasing blood flow or calming the animal. A group of veterinarians in Sweden published a study in the Equine Veterinary Journal where they measured blood flow to the muscle under magnets, skin temperature, changes in muscle tenderness and behavior changes by using the magnetic blanket. Ten horses were used in the study, and magnetic blankets that contained 120 static magnets rated at 900 gauss/magnet were used on the horses while regular blankets were also used as a placebo control.

Results indicated there was no significant differences between blood flow to the muscle of horses wearing the magnetic blankets versus those wearing regular blankets. Athough skin temperature increased slightly in horses wearing the magnetic blankets, it also increased when wearing the placebo blanket with no magnets and skin temperature was back to normal in both groups in just 15 minutes after removing the blankets. Skin sensitivity was not improved in horses wearing magnets compared to those just wearing a regular blanket. There was also no calming effect noted due to the blankets so although the magnetic blankets may be effective, it is not because of increasing blood flow to the tissues and more studies are needed to determine if these is a positive effect of magnetic blankets in horses.


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