Let’s All Get Along Relationship Between Veterinarians and Animal Care Specialists
IAAAM 2019
Debbie Kuhn1; Gabrielle Harris1*; Caryl Knox1; Geraldine LaCave2; Judy Mann1; Tony McEwan1
1South African Association for Marine Biological Research, Durban, South Africa; 2Marine Mammal Veterinary Services, Assebroek, Belgium


Maintaining the well-being of aquatic species in our care is a complex task that requires collaborative skills of a variety of parties. Vets are professionally required to look after medical concerns. Animal care specialists need to find innovative ways to provide the vets safe and effective access to the animals. The relationship between the vets and the animal care teams requires careful management to ensure effective operations. Dissension between these parties has the potential to be counter-productive to this effective care.

Effective relationships between vets and animal care specialists has been a discussion point for a long period. To quantitatively determine positive and effective working relationships, roles and values, a survey was prepared and distributed to vets and animal care specialists around the world. This poster will provide a summary of the results. Similarities and differences are identified. Differences can lead to divergent opinions and feelings on treatment, diagnostics, care and processes. Similarities are the strength of any system. Results of the survey highlight the strengths that allow for animal care that is productive, progressive and as effective as possible.

This information provides the opportunity and possibility to maximise each facilities resources and systems to achieve optimal care for our animals.

* Presenting author


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Gabrielle Harris
South African Association for Marine Biological Research
Marine Parade, Durban, South Africa

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