Real Pain Cases - Discussion of Chronic Pain Management - Integrative Approaches
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2017
B.D. Wright
Veterinary Anesthesiologist - Integrative Pain Management Specialist

Step 1. Assessment

1.  History... what to find out…

2.  Myofascial palpitation - how and common patterns to uncover

3.  Strength/function of musculoskeletal system

4.  Neurological function

5.  Concurrent conditions

Step 2. Individualizing the Four Legs of Treatment

1.  Pharmacological

2.  Supplement or biological

3.  Non-pharma: externally applied

4.  Motion/exercise/physical rehabilitation

Step 3. Modifications - How Soon and How to Modify


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Bonnie D. Wright
Fort Collins, CO, USA

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