Orthodontic Correction of Incisors Position by Durable Arch and Composite Locks
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
Z. Lonsky
Veterinární Ošetrovna, Praha, Czech Republic

What is goal of this orthodontic method? There is manipulation by incisors to demanding position. Incorrect positioning of incisors is one of the most often defects, limiting of demonstration dogs at the dog show. This fault is not always caused by hereditary factors and the handicapped individual is laid off breeding without rational arguments. Just thinking about faults caused by positioning of teeth, not by length and width of dog jaws.

About method: This method is built on action of mechanical forces between tooth and durable arch, transmitted by rubber puller. Basically we can use this method for moving incisors labial or lingually on maxilla and mandibula too. It means we use four types of durable arches for two jaws and two directions of movement. Placement of composite locks can be on labial or lingual surface of incisor. For the start of procedure is essential make a precise imprint of both jaws. Author is used to making imprints so called from "hand method", convenient for majority sizes of jaws. Next step is laboratory work. This part of procedure consider very important and needs skilled laboratory, because methods using durable archs are not usually used in present human orthodontics. Step number three is fixing arch on canines and marginal incisors, creation of composite locks on incisor or incisors and apparatus completing by rubber puller. Active phase of orthodontic moving needs regular checking by vet and owner too. Passive phase necessary for remodelation of alveolar bone should take a minimum of two times longer time than active phase. Usual time of whole procedure can take about two month. Procedure lasting is depending on many factors like age and size of dog, pulling power, homecare and possibility of checking by veterinarian. Author uses this orthodontic minimum invasive method several years with great success.

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Z. Lonsky
Veterinární Ošetrovna
Praha, Czech Republic

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