A Case Report of Intramedullary Pinning At Humerus & Femur in a Gray Fox
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
Mashhady Rafie, Siamak
The Clinical Science Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman-Iran and Faculty Member of Veterinary Medicine, Tabriz Azad University
Tabriz, Iran

Clinical Signs

A 3-4 month old female gray fox was delivered to the small animal clinic of Tabriz Azad University. It was injured by some people and it badly limped. There was a severe hematoma in its right humerus. Fracture of humerus bone with a cripitane status was obviously palpated. The fracture of proximal of right femur bone was palpated too. To confirm the diagnosis, the patient was radiographed and the mentioned cases were approved.

Materials & Methods

The next day, the fox was anesthetized with ketamine and acepromazine and both bones were operated (intramedullary pinning). To prevent infection (sepsis), and in order to prophylactic treatment; penicillin, gentamicine and B complex vitamins were administered for 5-7 days intramuscularly.


According to the owner's records, the fox was completely recovered 12 hours after operation, and was fed with some milk. Since the fox tried to escape during the subsequent days and was not relaxed during the injections, it was tranquilized with diazepam and chlorpromazine orally.

Follow up

Till the 5th day after operation the fox had a good appetite, walked for a few minutes and its urination and defecation were normal Two days after the end of treatment with antibiotics (8th day) , the fox became depressed and vomited once. On the 9th day it vomited severely and containing blood clot; in spite of supportive treatment, the fox died on the 9th day.


Regarding to the similarities of new clinical sign after incubating period of considerable Parvovirus infection it may be assumed that the fox had died due to the mentioned cause. No diagnostic procedures were carried out because the fox was not within reach.

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Siamak Mashhady Rafie
The Clinical Science Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman
Kerman-Iran and Faculty Member of Veterinary Medicine
Tabriz Azad University
Tabriz, Iran

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