Indications and Contraindications of Ultrasound in Exotic Animals and Pet Birds
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
C. Hochleithner; M. Hochleithner
Tierklinik Strebersdorf
Vienna, Austria


To evaluate indications and contraindications performing Ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in exotics.

Materials & Methods

30% of the reptile clients, 20% of small mammals and 10-13% of pet birds seen in our clinic are investigated performing Ultrasound as an additional diagnostic tool. The ultrasound machine used is the "AU3 Partner" from ESAOTE Biomedica German with 5 and 7,5 mHz annular Array, and linear Array with frequency 7,5 mHz or 10 mHz.


Due to the air sacks the window for this procedure in pet birds is very small. Unclear enlargements in the abdomen on X-rays--single organs, tumors, ascites ultrasound is the investigation of choice, also in controlling the function of the reproductive tract in birds and reptiles. Like in bird the investigator will also find some limiting factors in reptiles in some selected species and conditions. Similar to small animals as cats and dogs also rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and other "exotic animals" are investigated.


Beside radiographs ultrasound is a very helpful advanced technique for further investigations in selected cases in reptiles and exotic animals. In pet birds the indications for ultrasound are more limited as the special anatomical situation in these species limits the advantage of this technique.

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C. Hochleithner
Tierklinik Strebersdorf
Vienna, Austria

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