Determination of Rate Natural Blood Glucose in Persian Cats
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
Dr. D. Vosough Bahonar
University of Kerman


In this research that is done for the first time in Iran, the normal amount of the density of blood glucose in Iranian cats is determined in order to be a solution in recognition of the changes and disarrangements of the tools in regulating the amount of blood glucose.

Materials & Methods

In this research 53 mature Persian cats, in which 23 of them were female and 30 were male after completing the examination it was confirmed that all the cats were healthy. The blood was taken from cephalic veins and after separating the serums, were transferred to the Ependorf tubes for reading the amount of glucose. The measuring kit for blood glucose " Enzymatic method " was used. Then the subject was transferred to spectrophotometer machine, and was read at the frequency ware of 520 nm. The outputs of the test were analyzed statistically by SPSS software, and from the results, the general median and density median of blood glucose in two different groups of female and male cats were calculated, for comparison of average amounts in two different genders " T " test was used. In case of the number of samples in this study. Degree of certainty equals 95% (p = 95%).


In this research the measured amounts for the density of glucose was in the range of 183.53-253.43 mg /dl and the median was measured 218.4 mg / dl. Of 53 cats under test, 23 were female and 30 were male, and their average density of blood glucose in males was 218.48 mg /dl, and in females was 218.92 mg /dl. The median of results obtained from the two genders of male and female cats were compared with the "T" test. It was understood that there was not any significant differences between the blood glucose and gender. (p<0.05).


In 1997 M. Bryan, M. Murphy, and J. low did a research for measuring the blood glucose in two groups of 50- mature cats. They measured the density of blood glucose between 72 and 180 mg/dl. They observed a significant difference between the results of the gender groups. In the year 2001, Mr. Hally frees by stated that the normal range of blood glucose is 50-160 mg/dl. There fore I should mention that there is a wide range for the normal density of blood glucose in different races of cats, and these changes are based on different breed of cats and the way they are fed.

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D. Vosugh Bahonar, Dr.
University of Kerman

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