Acrosomal Integrity of Chilled Dog Semen
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
M. De los Reyes1; L. Tello2; B. Barrionuevo1; J. Palominos1
1Animal Reproduction Laboratory; 2Small Clinical Teaching, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, University of Chile, Casilla 2


The aim of this work was evaluate in vitro the sperm acrosomal integrity of dog spermatozoa chilled in different three extenders.

Material & Methods

Sperm-rich fraction from 8 ejaculates of two dogs was collected. Semen was centrifuged and the pellet was diluted in any one of three chilling extenders, to produce a final sperm concentration of 200x106 sperm/mL: 1) 3.0 g Tris; 1.7g citric acid; 1.25g glucose; 2) 3.0g Tris; 0.9g citric acid; 2.5g glucose; or .3) 3.0g Tris; 1.7g citric acid; 1.25g fructose; all with 20% egg yolk; 100 IU/mL penicillin G and 100 mL milliQ water. The samples were stored at 4°C. After 72 h acrosomal integrity was evaluated by incubating the sperm for 10 min with 400 nM Liso Tracker, 200 spermatozoa, in each replicate for each extender was observed in an epifluorescence microscope.


Acrosomal integrity was: 64.3%; 63.6% and 66% respectively; there were no significant differences (p>0.05).


The use of glucose showed a good protective action of dog spermatozoa during preservation at 4°C.

Supported by Grant 1030380 FONDECYT.

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M. De los Reyes
Animal Reproduction Laboratory
University of Chile
Santiago, Chile

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