Study of Analgesic Effect of Epidural Buprenorphine Hydrochloride after Fracture Repair in Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2003
Kunchit Pongphet; Voraphan Na songkhla; Marissak Kalpravidh
Veterinary Surgery, Chulalongkorn University
Patumwan, Bangkok, Thailand


To find the dosage of epidural buprenorphine hydrochloride for relieving pain after fracture repair of hind limbs in dogs

Materials & Methods

Twenty eight dogs suffering from fractures of hind limbs were randomly divided into one control group receiving saline and three treatment groups receiving epidural buprenorphine 0.005, 0.01 and 0.015 mg/kg. Heart rate, respiratory rate and arterial blood pressures were measured to assess pain score and cardiopulmonary effects for eight postoperative hours. Blood gases were measured postoperatively at four and eight hours.


Epidural buprenorphine 0.01 mg/kg gave pain scores lower less than those of other treatment groups at the early recovery period or 120 minutes after epidural administration with no significant cardiopulmonary effect.


Epidural buprenorphine hydrochloride 0.01 mg/kg can be used to relieve pain in dogs after fracture repair of hind limbs.

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Kunchit Pongphet
Veterinary Surgery, Chulalongkorn University
Patumwan, Bangkok, Thailand

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