World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2001
Elefterescu H

Hip dysplasia is more common in the purebred canine population in Romania. 65% of grade II and III cases of hip dysplasia are found in Rottweilers. Diagnosis is delayed because regulated radiological exams aren't compulsory for breeders. The medium age for diagnosis is eight months. At that age, the dog's weight is more than 30 kilograms. If we repair only one articulation (especially in grade III hip dysplasia), the risk of luxation in the weight-bearing hip is very high in the postoperative period. This situation requires bilateral TPO in the same surgical intervention. The results of these surgeries are very good. In all cases the animal recovered easily and resumption of hindquarter activity was symmetrical.

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H Elefterescu

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