Rounds Session Recordings
Revised: April 20, 2020
Published: September 06, 2013

Laura Schwartz

All VIN Rounds sessions are recorded. If you miss a Rounds, use the video recordings or VINCasts to catch up. Then post your questions or comments to the Message Boards.

For sessions since March 2020, you'll find the video front and center on the session page. Audio recordings are available as VINCasts in the Resources tab.

For Rounds between August 2013 and March 2020, look for Session Recordings or Replay links in transcripts.

Using the Recordings

Simply click the Play button on the lower left corner of the video.

Don't worry if you just see a gray space instead of an image -- some browsers don't show much until you click Play. Browsers also vary on the 'tools' available on the video, but most allow you to change the volume or enlarge the video to full screen.

Poll questions and the chat window are not included in the recordings. The instructors generally repeat the information for the recordings, but review the text transcription if you think you've missed something.

You won't be able to type in comments or ask questions as you would during a live session, but you'll find a link to the Message Board thread in the Discussion tab – post your question or comment there to continue the discussion.


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