Veterinary Students Taking CE
Published: October 17, 2014

Most VIN CE courses are free for current veterinary students attending an accredited veterinary university. The course you sign up for must complete before your graduation date. Certain courses have a course fee for veterinary students (e.g. NAVLE® Review and Preparation course, OSHA course Modules, Conferences) and some courses (usually the free courses) are not open to veterinary students at all. Please check the course information page for each course prior to enrollment to check for these exceptions.

Note: VSPN CE courses are listed under Open for Enrollment - Support Staff on the CE Portal page. These courses are designed for veterinary staff members and are NOT free for veterinary students. When enrolling in a VSPN CE course, veterinary students will be given a 50% discount off the regular course fee and will be required to provide billing information during the enrollment process. VSPN hosted course codes begin with either "TECH" or "STAF."

To enroll

  • Go to the CE Portal ( and find the course you are interested in attending. Search ALL courses or those courses open for Veterinarians or Support Staff (indicated by the red arrow below)

  • Click Learn More (See Red Arrow below) to open the course information page.
  • Before enrolling, check the Tuition (to the right of the Enroll Now button) to see if the course requires payment from veterinary students. 

  • To proceed with enrollment, click on the "Enroll Now" link located at the top of the course information page (see below).

  • Fill out the course enrollment form (Hint: the "Next" page link is located on the bottom right corner of every page in the enrollment form).

  • On the payment page, please select "All courses I registered for are Free*" (see below). We will be able to tell from your course registration and your record that you are a current student.