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Interactive CE Certificate Requirements
March 1, 2012 (published) | July 19, 2017 (revised)


CE Certificate Requirements

CE courses are entirely online; they are designed around live, interactive, Real Time Sessions, message board discussions, and materials in the course area library. Our CE courses utilize both synchronous and asynchronous learning to maximize your learning experience:

  • Synchronous learning - live, real-time interaction with the instructor and classmates (Real Time Sessions); provides for immediate interaction with the instructor and other classmates, active participation in polling questions/answers, and question/answer sessions. Attendance and participation in Real Time Sessions is not required, but highly recommended
  • Asynchronous learning - self-directed study by the participant to read documents, interact in message boards, and complete homework quizzes, assignments, or tests; participation is recorded via computer, based on completion and/or time- recorded actively participating.

Once enrolled in a course, you will receive informational e-mails directing you to prepare for the upcoming course. On the day the course area opens, you will be e-mailed your course open instructions; and access to the course area will be available through the CE Portal ( Select the "Open" link to the right of your course in the list of courses under "Classes in Progress." If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to login before you are taken to the course home page. The first thing you need to do is learn your way around the course area. The navigation bar near the top of the course home page features the links you need to your course area: CLASSROOM, MESSAGE BOARD, and LIBRARIES.

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Course Library

Course materials will be posted here as they become available (check this each time you come to the course area). It's advisable that you review this material before each Real Time Session so you are familiar with the lecture topics covered. If you do not understand something after each Real Time Session, please post those questions to the message boards rather than taking up valuable interactive session time. Materials may include:

  • Handouts.
  • Graphics, movies, or other material to view before or with the Real Time Sessions.
  • Homework (HW) quizzes (available within a day or two of each session and should be completed prior to the next Real Time Session). If this course has homework, there will be a link to a multiple-choice question/answer HW quiz listed in the course area library the day following the Real Time Session. Homework counts as a participation point.
  • The end-of-course test. The end-of-course test will be available in the course library the day of the last Real Time Session. You will have until the course closes to achieve a passing score of 80% or greater on the end-of-course test.
  • The course evaluation. We would appreciate your completing the course evaluation so we may make the next CE course even better! The course evaluation will open in the library the day after the last Real Time Session and is due by the day the course closes.
  • For each Real Time Session, the following will be posted to the course library (usually within 24 hours after the Real Time Session):
    • A text transcript of the session. For a session presented using audio, the audio will be transcribed and added to the session transcript.  This can take a few days, so the final transcript will be available in the course library 3-5 days after the Real Time Session.
    • A replay recording of the Real Time Session.
    • If audio was used, an audio recording of the Real Time Session.
    • The slideshow used during the Real Time Session.
    • A downloadable PDF of the Real Time Session slideshow.

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Course Message Boards

Several informational folders indicated with an '*' in the title are available along with the course folders (*Introduce Yourself, *Course Communications, etc). Reads of these folders are not tracked for participation credit. Examples of folders that are tracked for participation credit include: Other Questions, Questions about the homework/final, and Weekly topic folders.

Note: Reviewing/reading any new posts on a daily or every-other-day schedule is highly recommended.  


The broad category of topics. For a CE course, this would be the name of the course and its board category -- which will include all of the associated folders and discussions for that specific class.

The themed topics within a board. For a CE class, there is typically a separate folder for each Real Time Session or topic covered over the duration of the class. Each folder may have multiple discussion threads with specific subject titles.

The specific topics open for reading and posting/replying. The subject title will tell you what's in that discussion.  

READING the boards:

The course message board is located in the course main page menu (left side of the course area main page). Select Message Board on the course main page menu and it will display the message board folders for your course. Opening the discussion by clicking on its title will display all the messages posted to that discussion.  This allows you to view (read) them.

POSTING to the boards:

Select Reply under a message to which you would like to reply; your response will be added to the end of the discussion. If you elect to start a new discussion topic in a new discussion thread (POST NEW) you will be asked to type in a subject line. Make your subject line brief and specific so others know what's being discussed in that thread. Once you post that new discussion, your screen will refresh and you can read your post. 

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Unity Classroom

This is where we will hold the practice sessions and the weekly Real-Time (interactive) Sessions. If you click on CLASSROOM, you will be put into the CE classroom for your course. 

  • AT ANY TIME: If you experience problems, select the "CLICK HERE FOR LIVE HELP!" button on the CE Portal page when staffed or call 800-846-0028 ext 127 (toll free) and ask for tech support.
  • While the Real Time Sessions are not mandatory, we highly recommend attending the live sessions to maximize your exposure to the material.
  • During this session the instructor discusses cases, concepts, and content related to the course topic and addresses questions posed by the course participants. Participation in questions and answers is counted toward your participation points.

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Participation Policy for Course Credit

To demonstrate that you are following along with the class you must do ALL of the following:

  1. Participate actively in the course an average of 3 or more times each week. This can include postings on the course message boards and/or participation in the Real Time Sessions. You can meet these requirements by posting an average of 3 times each week, by "speaking up" 3 times during the Real Time Session (i.e., answering the poll questions and submitting questions and comments during the session), by completing any homework assignments provided by the instructor, or by any combination of these.
    If you miss a Real Time Session or can't visit the boards in any given week, you will still receive credit provided you meet the requirement for total participation by the end of the course.

  2. As required by RACE and VIN, successful completion of the end-of-course test is mandatory. A score of 80% is passing. If you don't take the end-of-course test, we cannot award a CE certificate for completion of the course. You will have until the course area closes to complete the end-of-course test. You can take the end-of-course test repeatedly until you score 80% or better. You will receive one participation point for your highest passing score (80% or better) on any quiz or end-of-course test.

  3. For some courses, homework assignments, and/or completion of the course evaluation will be required. Please check the specific requirements of your course on the course front page.

For information about requirements for self-directed courses, please refer to Self-Directed CE Course Certificate Requirements.

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If you miss any given Real Time Session or can't visit the boards in any given week, this is not a problem, provided the requirements for total participation are met by the completion of the course.

How do we keep track of attendance online? This is done in several ways.

  • A complete transcript of each real-time class session, as well as logs showing individual participation in the Real Time Session polls, is kept for possible auditing by a state board or RACE.
  • A complete transcript of the course message boards is kept for five years for possible auditing by a state board or RACE. We will provide any or all of this material to an accrediting state board or RACE. It is then the responsibility of the accrediting body to decide if the documentation is adequate and complete.

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Certificate for Participation

At the end of a course, the CE office will confirm your actual participation. If you have met the requirements for a certificate of participation, you will receive an email notification indicating when your course certificate will be available for download from MyCE. You can go on-line to your MyCE page and download the CE certificate anytime after the date specified in the email notification. For more information on how to access and use MyCE, please refer to MyCE.

Each participant is responsible for keeping track of each hour of CE credit earned and for printing or saving this completion certification for submission to his or her accrediting board(s). We provide certificate information to any state or province board only in response to a question from your accrediting board.

Please contact us if you need further documentation. 

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Contact Us

Katherine James, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)
VIN Education Coordinator

VIN CE Services:
1-800-846-0028 or 1-530-756-4881; ext. 797
or direct line to VIN/VSPN from the United Kingdom: 01452226154 

Charlotte Waack, AA, AAS, BS, CVT, RVT
VSPN CE Director

VSPN CE Services:
1-800-846-0028 or 1-530-756-4881; ext. 792 
or direct line to VIN/VSPN from the United Kingdom: 01452226154

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