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Unity Options for Participants
November 12, 2012 (published)
The OPTIONS menu has three selections:


The font size and font type used to render most of the text within the Unity windows can be set from the FONTS dialog. Invoke the FONTS dialog by selecting FONTS from the Unity OPTIONS menu.

Select the desired font size from the Font Size: pull-down menu and the desired font style from the Font Style: pull-down menu. A sample of the specified font style and size will be displayed within the Preview: window.
  • To apply the selected font settings to the Unity window, select OK.
  • To return to the default font settings (Font Style: Arial, Font Size: 12 point), select DEFAULT.
  • To exit the FONT dialog without changing the Unity font settings, select CANCEL.
Note that each person controls only the display on his or her monitor. When selecting a font size, remember that a larger font will provide a clearer view, but will be unable to display as much text as a smaller font size.

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The sounds generated by Unity can be moderated from the SOUNDS dialog. Invoke the SOUNDS dialog by selecting SOUNDS from the Unity OPTIONS menu.

  • To lower the sound level, click on the left side of the volume curve;
  • To increase it, click on the darkened bars and drag to the right.
  • Select the All sounds checkbox to suppress all Unity-generated sounds.
  • Select the Conf. room box to mute the sounds associated with the CONFERENCE ROOM window itself. This includes the sounds for a running poll, sending text, and participants entering/leaving the classroom.
To apply the specified sound settings, select OK.
To exit the SOUNDS dialog without applying the sound settings, select CANCEL.

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Invoke the SETTINGS dialog by selecting SETTINGS from the Unity OPTIONS menu.

For participants, the only setting available is:

  • Enable private chat blinking
    Check the Enable private blinking box to receive notification via a blinking title bar when you receive a new PRIVATE CHAT message in a window that is not currently the active window within Unity. The blink stops when you activate that PRIVATE CHAT window by selecting it.

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