Master Class: Anesthesia
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Conference 2007
Alan Klide, VMD, DACVA; Lin Klein, VMD, DACVA
University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, Philadelphia, PA, USA; University of Pennsylvania, New Bolton Center, PA, USA


This master class will review anesthesia practices, including anesthesia equipment, monitoring, and environmental effects of inhaled anesthetics, sevoflurane, etomidate and other agents, epidurals, fentanyl patches, and respiratory control during anesthesia with an emphasis on hypercarbia, hypoxemia, and hemodynamic effects of immobilizing and anesthetic agents including treatments of hemodynamic depression. Class notes will be available for down loading from the AAZV website members section for a limited period of time.


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Lin Klein, VMD, DACVA
School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, USA

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