The Use of Canine Vertebral Screw and Rod Fixation System for Vertebral Stabilization in 48 Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
P. Lewchalermwong1; T. Hamnilrat2; N. Phoonsajarern3
1Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand; 2Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Kasetsart University, Nakornpathom, Thailand; 3Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Kasetsart University, Huahin, Thailand


Canine vertebral screw and rod fixation system (CVSRF) was specially developed for vertebral column stabilization in dog. It is made from titanium alloy to decrease postoperative complications. All outcomes of mechanical testing of the CVSRF during bending were better than Screw-PMMA technique.


To report the success of vertebral stabilization using canine vertebral screw and rod fixation system in dog.


Forty-eight dogs with body weight range from 5–25 kg were referred to the Neurological center of Kasetsart University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They were presented with clinical signs of paraparesis from vertebral fracture and luxation between the 6th thoracic vertebrae to the 1st sacrum. The operation with CVSRF system was performed to stabilization at bilateral of the vertebrae. Screw with diameter 3.5 mm and rod with diameter 4.0 mm were used as an implant and the length of screw and rod adjusted according to their body weight. The spinal construction and postoperative wound complication were recorded in each appointment at 0, 7 and 30 days after operation.


Postoperative radiography demonstrated the vertebral columns were in alignment with spinal implant in all patients. All postoperative wounds were completely healed without complication after operation for 7 and 30 days. However, a week later after surgery, 6.25% of them (n=3) had a loosening of the screw from the vertebral body.


The CVSRF system device could be a benefit instrument for the vertebral column fixation in small to medium size dogs with less complication wound after surgery.


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P. Lewchalermwong
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

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