Rabies Outbreak Prevention System Based on Customary Village Society
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
N.I. Sitepu; A.W. Sukron; M. Ratnadi; L.M. Sudimartini; M. Restiati
Animal Welfare Department, Indonesia Veterinary Medicine Association, Denpasar, Indonesia


A rabies outbreak prevention system based on customary village society is one of the options according to the Balinese people’s condition that still strong on the culture social life. A disease prevention effort with an approach to the social culture of the society is very important. In this system the government and rural communities and indigenous peoples work with each other to implement the communication, information, and education program (IEC). This is aimed to keep the public informed so they can participate and implement the basic principles of animal welfare, rabies vaccination program, and perform sterilization.


The objectives of these activities were to: understand the human-dog relationship in Bali about animal welfare; explore local knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAPs) relating to animal welfare; and assess potential community-driven activities to optimize rabies control and surveillance.


These activities carried out by the Indonesian Veterinary Medicine Association Bali Region are: communication, information, and education about animal welfare, rabies vaccination program, and mass sterilization (spay and neuter).




The activities carried out by the Indonesian Veterinary Medicine Association Bali Region, has successfully campaigned on the importance of animal welfare, conduct mass sterilization programs, rabies vaccination program, and educational activities for villagers.


Rabies disease prevention approach to animal welfare community-based customary village society is a way that can be done in tackling the problem of rabies in Bali province.


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N.I. Sitepu
Animal Welfare Department
Indonesia Veterinary Medicine Association
Denpasar, Indonesia

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