Surgical Correction of Bilateral and Ventral Perineal Hernia in Male Dogs with Modified Sacroischial Slings Suture
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
W. Sutthiprapa1; N. Thengchaisri2
1Surgery, Kasetsart University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand; 2Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences, Kasetsart University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


Perineal hernia (PH) is a complex disease in dogs. Recurrence of the PH after standard intervention often occurs and with more complicated problem involving bilateral with ventral PH. A suitable method to solve the bilateral with ventral PH is needed.


To evaluate a new surgical technique for correction of bilateral with ventral PH using polyethylene (Leader line) in male dogs.


Twelve dogs (Body weight mean 10.2±5.6 kg) had swollen mass on both sides of anus and alimentary tenesmus. These dogs were diagnosed with bilateral with ventral PH using rectal palpation. Six of the twelve dogs had recurrent PH after correction with standard surgical technique and other six dogs were diagnosed with bilateral and ventral PH for the first time. The PH were treated with modified sacroischial suture (MSS), which covered the hernia defect. The lateral line of sacroischial suture was sutured to external anal sphincter muscle and connected from both sacroischial suture by lower line to cover the ventral defect of the pelvic floor. All dogs were regularly monitored for 2 years.


All dogs had no complication in the first 14 days after the operation. All dogs were free from bilateral PH without related complication throughout a 2-year period.


Results of the present study suggest that MSS is an effective surgical method for correction of bilateral with ventral PH in dogs, especially with the presence of thin or friable perineal diaphragmatic muscles.


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W. Sutthiprapa
Kasetsart University Veterinaty Teaching Hospital, Surgery
Bangkok, Thailand

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