A Case Study on Skin Allergy
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
S.H. Oh
Animal Ark, TCM, Singapore

Case Study: Application of Acupuncture for Skin Allergies


Bao Bao, a Golden Retriever, was presented with serious pruritus and would constantly scratch at her burning sores and her scaly skin all over her body, even at night. As her allergies became worse, her skin also became more red and inflamed.


The objective was to stop skin allergies from becoming worse and to improve skin condition.


Bao Bao’s condition and symptoms were understood from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, and acupuncture was performed accordingly.


Within 3 months of treatment, most of her skin has recovered and with only a few occasional hotspots.


The method “circle the dragon” can be effective in helping to quickly alleviate serious skin allergies.


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S.H. Oh
Animal Ark, TCM