Correlation Between Renal Damage and Clinicopathological Changes in Immune-Complex Glomerulonephritis and Non-Immune-Complex Glomerulonephritis in Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
A. Yabuki1; T. Hamamoto1; Y. Ohara1; T. Shimokawa2; O. Yamato1
1Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kagoshima University, Kagoshima, Japan; 2Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi, Japan


Immune-complex glomerulonephritis (ICGN) and non-ICGN are major forms of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in dogs. However, the difference between the progression of CKD in ICGN and non-ICGN is not fully understood.


We aimed to clarify the association between pathological changes in the kidneys and clinicopathological changes in ICGN and non-ICGN, in dogs.


Renal biopsy specimens (n=24) were obtained from dogs with protein-losing nephropathies, and these were examined using light microscopy, electron microscopy, and immunofluorescence for the presence of immunoglobulins and complement 3. Severity of glomerular sclerosis (GS) and interstitial fibrosis (IF) were quantitatively evaluated, and correlations between these scores and clinicopathological parameters were statistically analyzed.


Eighteen and six cases were diagnosed with ICGN and non-ICGN, respectively. The GS score in ICGN showed no significant correlation with any clinicopathological parameter, including plasma concentrations of urea, creatinine (pCre), total protein and albumin, and urinary protein/creatinine ratio; however, the IF score showed a significant correlation with pCre. The GS score in non- ICGN showed a significant correlation with pCre, but IF showed no correlation with any clinicopathological parameter.


Progression of CKD in ICGN was associated with IF severity, whereas in non-ICGN, it was associated with GS severity. This difference between ICGN and non-ICGN might be associated with the amount of proteinuria, which is severe in ICGN; the proteinuria is a major-inducing factor for IF, which is in turn associated with decreased renal function.


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A. Yabuki
Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Kagoshima University
Kagoshima, Japan

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