Resection of Insulinoma Using Bipolar Vessel-Sealing Device in a Dog
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2018
D.H. Park; H.Y. Kang; H.S. So; J.S. Kang; Y.U. Kim; K.C. Lee; N.S. Kim; H. So
Surgery of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University, Iksan, Republic of Korea


Tumors of pancreatic corpus are relatively rare and more difficult to remove than those of other pancreatic sites with conventional ligating methods (CLM). In this case, pancreatic tumor located in pancreatic corpus was successfully resected using bipolar vessel-sealing device (BVSD).


This case is to evaluate the prognosis after surgical resection using BVSD for pancreatectomy in insulinomas.


An 11-year-old, 7.1kg, spayed female, Italian greyhound was referred to Chonbuk Animal Medical Center with ataxia. The result of serum chemistry test consistently revealed hypoglycemia. In Computed Tomography (CT), mass of pancreatic body about 10x10 mm was detected. Increased insulin concentration was revealed in immunoreactive insulin test.

After detecting dark and firm mass at pancreatic corpus, partial pancreatectomy was performed by using BVSD. Intraoperative complications were not observed. In postoperative histopathologic examination, pancreatic mass was definitely diagnosed with insulinomas.


Postoperative blood analysis showed normal glucose level. Although the patient had vomit on the day of surgery, clinical sign was improved after medical therapy. Since that time, the patient has been doing well without any complications.


Surgical resection using BVSD is safe and reduce intra/postoperative complications in insulinomas. This case suggested that BVSD could be good option in pancreatectomy.


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D. H. Park
Surgery of Veterinary Medicine
Chonbuk National University
Iksan, Republic of Korea

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