Internal Surveys - How We Created Norway’s Most Committed Team
World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress Proceedings, 2017
C. Kolthoff,, E-MBA, IAF cert. facilitator
Ry, Denmark

My Work Life in a Nutshell

“Christian is one of the best strategic facilitators in Denmark and for the last nine years he has been running our strategic process. He is energetic, asks the challenging questions and is widely respected by our leaders and employees,” says Torben Jensen, CEO of Sagro (480 employees). With my personal ambition of being one of Denmark’s best business advisers for small businesses, feedback like this boosts the fire to go further in increasing my skills.

Quality of life is key and I really enjoy what I do. My job is my adventure and my playground. I have a goal to stay one of Denmark’s best business advisers for small businesses. In pursuit of this goal I spend a lot resources on building network and increasing my skills.

I am co-owner of a consulting company and three veterinary practices in Denmark and Norway, all performing well. Being a business owner myself, gives me the insights of running a business - with its ups and downs. I have done more than 270 lectures primarily in Scandinavia and I have been in charge of running larger educational programs in the veterinary and the dental world.

I thrive at being part of development projects and I have cooperated with many companies. Currently the largest project is “Vetfokus - Value of Sharing” - a communication platform in the veterinary world.

Main playgrounds are the veterinary, the dental, and the agricultural worlds as well as I sometimes work for boarding schools. Pro bono I work with organizational and business development in Nepal.

I have an executive MBA in change management and I am an IAF certified facilitator as well as lots of other stuff.

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C. Kolthoff,, E-MBA, IAF cert. facilitator
Ry, Denmark