Low Level Laser Therapy and Low Adherent Dressing (Melolin) Combination as Alternative for Second Intention Chronic Wound from Over-Granulation in Cats
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2015
M. Taweechart
Thonglor Pet Rehab Center, Thonglor Pet Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


Cats heal from wound edge contraction in second intention healing instead of epithelisation. When a wound is over-granulated, epithelial tissue is impeded from migrating across the wound's surface and wound contraction stops at the edge of the swelling. Hence over-granulation can easily delay healing or chronic wound in cats.


To investigate if the combination of low level laser therapy (LLLT) and low adherent dressing is effective for chronic wound due to over-granulation for cats.


Single case study of a female cat of 3 years, 3.85 kg, with a two-month-old open chronic wound at plantar surface of the tarsus that had been treated with Intrasite wound gel dressing after the initial wound cleaning, debridement treatment. Healthy over-granulation is observed and no wound contracture, skin regrowth around wound or infection is evident.

Intrasite gel was discontinued. Seven LLTL sessions were repeated with a median of every three days followed by three weekly sessions using manufacturer's wound protocol. Topical antibiotic cream and Melolin bandage changed during every LLLT session.

A macroscopic evaluation of the wound is made until complete wound closure with photographic evidence.


Wound size decreased by approximately 50% by 7th (Day 19) but still with presence of healthy over-granulation. Complete wound closure is observed on the Day 40.



Low level laser therapy with low adherent dressing appeared to be effective for treating chronic wound from over-granulation. Continuous presence of over-granulation even as the wound contracts suggest that this treatment method stimulate the contracture process in cat's second intention healing.



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M. Taweechart
Thonglor Pet Rehab Center
Thonglor Pet Hospital
Bangkok, Thailand

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