Measuring Client Satisfaction - Online and Offline
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2015
E. Garcia
Digital Marketing & Communications Consultant, Tampa, FL, USA

Measuring client satisfaction is frequently utilized in marketing strategy. Measuring client satisfaction is one of the best ways to determine if you meet or surpass client expectation. Client satisfaction is defined as "the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with your services exceeds specified satisfaction goals."

According to Survey Monkey, 60% of small businesses measure satisfaction, only about 35% set goals. Many practices are happy by setting a personal goal of 70%. If the practice gains 70% satisfaction they are often content and stop measuring client satisfaction. However, if you see that 70% of your customers describe themselves as satisfied, is that a good thing? Or does it mean you're losing clients? And how does it compare to your local competition? Setting goals is important to understand what your numbers really mean.

Here are a few example survey questions to get you started measuring client satisfaction.

About our receptionist (rate on a scale of 1–5)

 My telephone calls were answered promptly by a receptionist.

 My interaction with the receptionist on the telephone was helpful and friendly.

 The receptionist greeted me warmly when I arrived at the clinic.

 The receptionist was helpful and friendly during my visit.

About our veterinarians (rate on a scale of 1–5)

 I did not wait long before my pet was examined by a doctor.

 The veterinarians handled my pet with gentleness and kindness.

 The veterinarians were helpful and compassionate.

 The veterinarians answered my questions completely and professionally.

 The veterinarians explained treatment/therapy options in a way I could easily understand.

 The veterinarians communicated effectively with me on the care of my pet.

 The veterinarians & technicians provided excellent medical care to my pet.

 The veterinarian was prepared for my appointment and familiar with my pet's background.

About our practice (rate on a scale of 1–5)

 The waiting area and exam rooms were both clean and orderly.

 Value was obtained for fees paid (if you choose less than 'agree' please provide us with some additional feedback to help us better serve our clients).

 The overall experience I had at Simply Done Veterinary Clinic was excellent.

 The building and grounds were exceptionally clean and welcoming.

 Simply Done Veterinary Clinic is interested in the well-being of my pet.

About our practice (yes or no)

 Would you return to Simply Done Veterinary Clinic?

 If you respond "no", please explain why using the comment box below.

 Would you recommend Simply Done Veterinary Clinic to your Family and Friends? If you respond "no", please explain why using the comment box below.

 What suggestions would you have for improving our hospital?

 Was there anyone who you would like to see receive praise or constructive suggestions for improvement?

Quick survey

 Were you put on hold for more than 1 minute when you called?

 Were you seen in a timely manner?

 Did we address all of your questions and concerns?

 Did you feel the team was knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient?

 Would you refer us to your friends?


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Eric Garcia
Digital Marketing & Communications Consultant
Tampa, FL, USA

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