Characterization of Population in Theristicus caudatus Telephone Transmission Tower in Goias of Palmeiras
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
E.A.S. Elisângela de Albuquerque Sobreira1; J.L.R.M. José Leonardo Rodrigues Miranda2; F.M. Fausto Miziara3; R.B. Rogério Bastos4
1Doctorate in Environmental Sciences, Federal University of Goias, Anápolis, Brazil; 2Biologist, State University of Goias, Goias of Palmeiras, Brazil; 3Coordinator of the Doctorate in Environmental Sciences, Federal University of Goias, Goiania, Brazil; 4Doctorate in Environmental Sciences, Federal University of Goias, Goiania, Brazil

The Theristicus caudatus is a species of bird in large distribution all along the globe, from Colombia to Argentina in South America usually form pairs of couples, but usually fly in flocks, which unite to sleep in palms, coconut and guerobais which usually make nests. The study aimed to survey the population characteristics between the period before its reproduction. Check some sources of environmental variation that favors ibises, Theristicus caudatus in the use of telephone transmission tower, addressing behavioral issues that may be interfering with their reproduction, feeding and peculiarity. The study shows that the ibises are using the telephone line tower as a point of perch to roost within the urban area of the municipality of Goias of Palmeiras in a period of five months; a significant population of ibises were observed at the site, despite the region around the tower has many coconut trees that resemble their natural habitat. In this case the data collected in counting these birds suggest that the type of landscape with tower design can be associated with the use and occupancy of the tower by these birds.


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E.A.S. Elisângela de Albuquerque Sobreira
Doctorate in Environmental Sciences
Federal University of Goias
Anápolis, Brazil

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