Epidemiological Study of 60 Cases of Cutaneous Lymphoma in Dogs in São Paulo State, Brazil
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
P.C. Jark1; G. Vargas-Hernández2; L.A. Anai1; M. Tinucci-Costa1
1Department of Veterinary Clinic and Surgery, São Paulo State University - Unesp - College of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Jaboticabal, Brazil; 2Department of Animal Health/Department of Veterinary Clinic and Surgery, National University of Colombia Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science/São Paulo State University - Unesp, Bogotá Colombia/Jaboticabal, Brazil

Cutaneous lymphoma is a rare and uncommon neoplasia in dogs (1% of skin tumors), that presents itself in a solitary nodular or generalized form. Among the anatomic forms of lymphoma, the cutaneous form (3–8% of canine lymphoma) is associated with worse prognosis. Few studies have evaluated the epidemiology of this neoplasm in Brazil. A total of 60 dogs with cutaneous lymphoma were treated at the Veterinary Hospital at São Paulo State University from 2007 to 2013. Dogs' mean age was 8.8 years, with gender distribution of 29 males and 31 females. Mongrel dogs were the most affected (38.3%), followed by the following breeds: Poodle (13.3%), Boxer (13.3%), Pitbull (10%), Dachshund (6.6%), among others. Chemotherapeutic protocols used were CHOP (34%), lomustine with prednisone (30%), lomustine L-asparaginase (8.3%). In recurrences using CHOP, lomustine was the rescue drug. Monitoring of 10 cases treated in 2013, determined an average survival of 72 days. Among the anatomical forms of lymphoma observed in this hospital the cutaneous form was the second most frequent after the multicentric form, which differs from other epidemiological studies in which cutaneous involvement is rare. Almost 40% of affected dogs had no defined breed, disagreeing with the literature where the incidence is common in Cocker Spaniel and Boxer breeds. The short survival time confirms the malignancy and poor prognosis of this neoplasia.

Epitheliotropic cutaneous lymphoma in a 5-year-old,
female, mongrel dog



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P.C. Jark
Department of Veterinary Clinic and Surgery
São Paulo State University - Unesp - College of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
Jaboticabal, Brazil

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