Safety and Efficacy of Misoprostol Through Oral/Vaginal Routes for Induction of Labour in Bitches of Different Breeds
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
G. Anand
Infertility and Reproduction, Dr. Anand's Pets Clinic, New Delhi, India


Misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analogue was used to induce labour artificially because of the safety concerns for pups and bitches. Misoprostol was successfully used in human subjects at the dose rate of 50 μg orally or 25 μg intravaginally. There are few references on the use of misoprostol in bitches of different breeds.


To evaluate safety and efficacy of misoprostol through oral/vaginal routes for induction of labour in bitches of different breeds.


To find a more safe and efficacious labour induction agent than conventionally used oxytocin.


The present study was conducted on 2500 bitches over a period of 6 years. The dose rate of 25 and 50 μg was found ineffective in bitches. The dose rate was increased gradually under strict veterinary supervision.


The dose of 100 μg in small breeds (Pugs), 200 μg in large breeds (Labrador) and 300 μg in giant breeds showed excellent results. In bitches, misoprostol administered after initial signs of whelping started whelping as early as 40 min in 50% of cases, 25% bitches showed whelping 1–2 hours after drug administration, and < 3 hours was taken by 15% of animals. Misoprostol has had few significant adverse effects in numerous experimental studies. Compared to PGE1, misoprostol showed less diarrheic potential.


The drug provided clinically effective cervical ripening, labour induction, smooth parturition as well as reduced postpartum haemorrhage, in comparison with other conventional agents. It was stable at room temperature, less expensive, and had fewer systemic side effects.


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G. Anand
Infertility and Reproduction
Dr. Anand's Pets Clinic
New Delhi, India

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