In Vitro Embryo Production in Queens Treated with Deslorelin Acetate (Suprelorin®)
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
C. Ackermann; L.F. Crocomo; T.S. Rascado; C. Lopes; R. Volpato; E. Trevisol; C.R.F. Guaitolini; M.D. Lopes
Animal Reproduction and Veterinary Radiology, Sao Paulo State University, Botucatu, Brazil

Reversibility after use of deslorelin for contraception in queens was reported. However no data concerning the ability of in vitro embryo production after treatment was published. This study aimed to evaluate the rate of in vitro embryo production in queens treated with deslorelin. Twenty queens and one tom were used. Ten queens received deslorelin (Suprelorin® 4.7 mg/animal), the other females were not treated. After 6 months of treatment all queens were spayed, ovaries were placed in petri dishes containing PBS and sliced for cumulus oocyte complex (COCs) releasing. Grade I COCs were submitted to in vitro maturation, fertilization and the possible zygotes were maturated for 6 days, according to protocol described by Rascado, 2009. Number of morulae and blastocysts produced were counted on day 5 and 8, respectively. No formal analysis was done. Data was described in Table 1. Four queens from treated group did not produced any blastocyst. Number of grade I COC recovered from treated queens was smaller than control group; however, percentage of morulae obtained was very similar and percentage of blastocysts was higher in treated group. We concluded that ovaries from queens under contraceptive treatment with deslorelin may be use for in vitro embryo production with blastocysts rates similar to non-treated queens, although individual variations should be expected.

Financial Support: FAPESP 2011/23318-0; 2012/09002-3.

Table 1. Number of grade I COC recovered and percentage of morulae and blastocysts produced in vitro in queens treated or not with deslorelin acetate







50 (57, 47%)

18 (36%)

No treatment


103 (55, 87%)

23 (22, 33%)


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C. Ackermann
Animal Reproduction and Veterinary Radiology
Sao Paulo State University
Botucatu, Brazil

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