Citicoline Effect on the Treatment of Vision Loss Caused by Degeneration Route or Vision Center
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
S.J. Aldavood1; M. Bitaraf2; H. Maserat1
1Internal Medicine, University of Tehran Veterinary Faculty, Tehran, Iran; 2Internal Medicine, Paytakht Veterinary Hospital, Tehran, Iran


There are a lot of causes for the degeneration of nerves. The most important causes are ischemia, neoplasm, and thiamine deficiency. In most cases the degeneration of the optic nerve is not the primary cause of vision loss but rather other diseases such as retinal degeneration, glaucoma and other diseases of the central nervous system.


A male terrier dog for about 6 years, with history of vision loss in one month, after repeated visits to medical centers, no response was referred to the Tehran University Veterinary Small Animals Hospital. According to clinical examinations, gradual blindness caused by the degeneration or central vision as final diagnosis was recorded. Patients treated with an injectable citicoline (250 mg per 1 cc of amp 2 cc) per 12 hours 1 ml. Effects on the patient's recovery was observed within two days. Changes in symptoms were followed for up to a week but did not continue for more than a week.

Methods and Results

Citicoline is produced naturally within the body and, to donor coline the metabolic pathways for biosynthesis of acetylcholine (especially for construction of phosphatidylcholine) is used. The main compounds of citicoline are cytidine nucleotide and choline. That absorption can be easily from gastrointestinal tube and also easily pass from blood-brain barrier. The drug and its compounds are necessary mediators in the biosynthesis of cell membrane phospholipids and increase in brain metabolism.


The result of the study use citicoline as a treatment to improve symptoms of short-term and temporary and follow the main cause of treatment should be done.


Speaker Information
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S.J. Aldavood
Internal Medicine
University of Tehran Veterinary Faculty
Tehran, Iran

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