Animal-Assisted Therapy Program in a Greek Children's Hospital
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2014
K. Loukaki
Scientific, Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society, Athens, Greece


The therapeutic contribution of companion animals to children takes place through AAT methods. As an applied therapeutic method in children, this attempt uses animals to improve communication, emotional expression and living conditions.


The purpose of study was to investigate systematically, for the first time in Greece, the effect of rabbits on children affected by chronic diseases (neoplasia).


The interventions in the hospital took place after obtaining a relevant authorization from the ethics committee of the children's hospital. In the interventions with the rabbits in the oncological department of the hospital participated 117 children, 65 parents, 83 members of staff.


It was found out that during the presence of the animal, the children's socialization, communication and emotional expression were increased and the children remained calm. The parents of the children were positive for the intervention. The opinion of the hospital staff members was positive.


The above-mentioned data allow us to conclude that the intervention with a rabbit in a children's hospital. Its small size allowed us to transfer it under controlled hygiene conditions, in addition the market price of this pet, and the animal's accompanying person is not necessary to be the same during the whole intervention.


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K. Loukaki
Scientific, Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society
Athens, Greece

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