Serological Response in Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) to the Canine Distemper Vaccination with Recombitek C6®
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Conference 2014

Ezequiel Hidalgo1,3, DVM; Carolina Ortiz2; Christian Mathieu2, DVM; Pilar Soto3, DVM; Sebastian Celis3, DVM

1Conservation and Research Department, Parque Zoológico Buin Zoo, Buin, Chile; 2Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile; 3Animal Health Department, Parque Zoológico Buin Zoo, Buin, Chile


The vaccination of captive wild carnivores is a basic tool for wildlife health management.1,4 Unfortunately, there is little evidence in Latin America of the usefulness and security of the locally available vaccines. Recombitek® C6a is the only locally available anti-canine distemper virus (CDV) recombinant vaccine. The anti-CDV serological and clinical response to SC administration was evaluated in red fox (Vulpes vulpes) maintained at the Buin Zoo, Chile.

Seventeen clinically healthy red fox were divided in three groups and administered 1 ml of (A) a single vaccination (three animals of nine months of age without previous vaccination [WPV]); (B) a series of three vaccinations with 21 days of interval (four animals of 10 months of age [WPV]); and (C) a single vaccination (10 animals older than one year and that had received a previous vaccination more than a year ago). Titers for antibodies against CDV were measured by serum neutralization before vaccination and every 21 days after the first vaccination for six months.

After 180 days, only two animals (both belonging to group B, 50% of group B animals) presented adequate antibody protective response (titers >100).2,3 All animals remained clinically healthy throughout the study period. Based on our results, a single vaccination with Recombitek® C6 does not produce protective antibody titers against CDV in red foxes. Additional research is needed to confirm the antibody titer response to multiple vaccinations.


aMerial LLC., imported and distributed by Sanofi Pasteur S.A. Andres Bello 2711, Las Condes, Chile

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Ezequiel Hidalgo, DVM
Conservation and Research Department
Parque Zoológico Buin Zoo
Buin, Chile

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