Update on Elephant TB Guidelines and Year One Serologic Testing Results
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Conference 2011
Denise M. Sofranko, DVM
Field Specialist for Elephants, USDA, APHIS, Animal Care


The National Tuberculosis Working group for Zoo and Wildlife Species released the first Guidelines for the Control of Tuberculosis in Elephants in 1997. The guidelines have been modified in 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2010. These guidelines are now reviewed and revised by a scientific subcommittee of the TB Committee of the United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) and approved by the USAHA. They are recommended by USAHA to the USDA as the industry standard for veterinary care for elephants relating to the testing and treatment of tuberculosis in elephants. The 2008 guidelines incorporate a licensed serologic test (ElephantTB Stat-Pak assay®, Chembio Diagnostics, Inc., Medford, NY) in addition to the trunk wash culture. The first year of testing including the serologic assay has been completed. Within regulated facilities, 398 of 451 elephants were tested. Of those tested, 95 were reactive on the Stat-Pak and of those, 37 were reactive on the MAPIA, a confirmatory test (Chembio).


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Denise M. Sofranko, DVM
Field Specialist for Elephants
APHIS, Animal Care

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