Bilateral Calcification of the Filtration Angle in a Domestic Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Conference 2011
Dennilyn L. Parker, DVM, MVetSc, DABVP
Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon, SK, Canada


A 10-year-old domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) presented to the University of Saskatchewan for inappropriate urination. Physical exam was unremarkable other than the eyes. The left eye was buphthalmic with secondary glaucoma due to suspected dystrophic bone in the filtration angle. The right eye had normal pressures, but there were some changes in the filtration angle. The left eye was removed and bony changes to the filtration angle were confirmed on histology. The right eye was closely monitored and 6 months later the bony changes had advanced to the point where glaucoma had developed. Enucleation was performed however the rabbit died under anesthesia during the surgery. Calcification of the filtration angle has been reported in guinea pigs1 and a dog2 but this is the first report in a rabbit. Calcification of the filtration angle should be considered a differential in rabbits with glaucoma.

Literature Cited

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Dennilyn L. Parker, DVM, MVetSc, DABVP
Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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