3 Most Crucial Elements for Practice Management Success (Working with Elements of People Process and Product)
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2011
Henry K. Yoo, DVM, MSc, MBA
Executive Consultant, Infinity Medical Consulting, Santa Monica, CA, USA


For any organization, including veterinary practices, to progressively expand there are important elements and fundamental structure that contribute to the success of the business. High quality and valuable service perceived by the clients are the outcomes that all businesses are pursing in this highly competitive market. Internet brought lots of information to the business entity and money is becoming more readily available than ever before for any new business entities. One thing that the money and information may not bring into the business is People factor that will be the most crucial element of the business growth. The value system of both individual staff and the team collectively is rapidly changing as they are becoming more integrated in our continuously progressing world. People oriented organization will continue to grow. One principle that will not change in business management for a long time is in "Sound Growth of Business is in Dedicated People working for Quality Products through Efficient Process". This class will be devoted to the 3 core elements that make up successful service organizations.

3Ps: (People, Process and Products)

People and Process will bring quality Products that customers want to obtain from the service center. This service production flow called value chain starts from People and then Process down to Products. The question is how an organization can install a solid work flow by using People, Process and Product.


People factor is the single most important out of 3 Ps that has been mentioned earlier. Dedicated People with passion and motivation to generate quality outcomes will continuously search for a way to improve the service through efficient process. People is true power house of all 3P elements.


This is the pathway from which the products are generated. Depending on the efficiency of the Process the value of the service will be determined. The important part of the Process is like work flow and close communication of the staff to make the work process efficient. Part of the Process many include the speed that clients are helped on the phone and how friendlily they are being answered for their questions. Intentionally and deliberately structured Process can make the quality work flow efficient and predictable making the Products at the higher quality level.


What Clients take home as a result of the service is the Products either in a tangible or non-tangible form. When the Products are delivered to the clients the value of the service is determined by the way the service is presented to the clients. This is not only the result of the medical treatment but also emotional feelings and level of compassion expressed to the clients during the medical care. Clients will have their perception of the value of the Products (service) which becomes the barometer of the value of the service.


Dedicated People are constantly adapting themselves to improve their work through Process improvement. Process is a system that People perform to provide the best possible Product. While People make Process, People and Process generate Product. This P-P-P relationship is extremely vital to understand if an organization is going to be successful in this global economy.

The take home message here is in the fact that dedicated People will constantly modify Process and Process in turn will build the best Product possible. The origin of any and every problem that we face in the workplace can be traced back to People, Process and Product. The most important of the 3 Ps is still People since it is the origin of the two other Ps, Process and Product. Investment in People is vital to build an efficient Process and the resulting outcome is quality Product. Finally, dedication of People element will build efficient Process and Process will build quality Product in return.


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Henry K. Yoo, DVM, MSc, MB
Infinity Medical Consulting & Co.
Santa Monica, CA, USA

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