Treatment for Radioulnar Fractures Using a Novel Radial Plate and Ideal Casting Method in Toy-Sized Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2011
Katsuyoshi Nagaoka, DVM, PhD, DJCVS
Minato-Yokohama Animal Medical Research, Japan

In recent years, joint disease and fracture repair in small animal orthopedic area is dramatically advanced due to newly developed implant for small animals. However, there is no implant can be fixed from toy size to large dogs. Especially, it is very difficult to choose the adequate implant for the radioulnar oblique fracture at the distal end in toy dogs less than 1 kilogram in body weight. Also, pelvic fractures occurred frequently in toy dog, it has continuous curved surface in narrow range, so that special plate is necessary to achieve a satisfactory fracture repair. Several chronic cases including traumatic dislocation, intra-articular fracture and pelvic fracture cannot be satisfactory repaired because of disturbance by strong muscle contractor. Even now at almost anything available, development of a dedicated small animal medical instrument and implant are far behind compared to the situation in human medicine. So we devised and applied a new surgical procedure with dedicated repairing instrument and implant for the case which struggled to repair in the past. As a result, we obtained great advantages including simplified surgical operation, significant reduction of an operation time, obtained reliable fixation, reduction in complications, and so on.


1.  Pre-operative radioulnar reduction on the surgical table

2.  Precise tissue separation and moisturize by inter-muscular saline injection

3.  Radioulnar pinning with new casting method

4.  Introduction of new designed plate bending instrument

5.  Experiment of a bone holding capacity at a fracture site compare preform radial plate and straight plate

6.  Clinical outcome of a radioulnar fracture repair by preform radial plate

7.  New treatment for malunion: drill bit bevel osteotomy, and new designed cancellous bone collector

8.  Clinical outcome of a pelvic fracture repair by preform snake plate

9.  A simple reduction method of sacroiliac joint

10.  Clinical outcome of a new instrument of trochleoplasty for congenital patellar lunation

11.  Clinical outcome of a new designed slipless titanium plate

12.  Clinical outcome of a new developed 30 degree butterfly plate and hingenized TPO

13.  Clinical outcome of a new developed instrument for all type of fracture repair

Most of them which will be presented in this lecture are still in the process of development, but we obtained good clinical results. Our daily orthopedic treatment in the clinic, bandaging, implants, instruments, including surgical procedures are still immature. So we have realized that we should modify and complete each one carefully every day.


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Katsuyoshi Nagaoka, DVM, PhD, DJCVS
Minato-Yokohama Animal Medical Research, Japan

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