Omphalocele of Canine Fetus Detected By Ultrasonography
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2009
A.R. Assis1; A.A. Bairros2; A.M.Q. Martins1; L. Torres2
1SULVET, UNIDERP, Campo Grande, MS; 2Clínica Veterinária MYPET, Campo Grande, MS, Brazil

During embryonic development, when the midgut, the bowel is the projection in umbilical portion and form the umbilical herniation, due to lack of space in the abdomen to its growth. In the fetal period, the handles returning abdomen, but a defect in the closure of the abdominal wall can cause an anomaly known as omphalocele (Persistence of bowel outside the abdominal wall). We report a case of omphalocele in dog detected by ultrasound examination of the pregnancy. It was attended by the service of mobile veterinary ultrasound--SULVET--in Campo Grande -MS, a Chow-Chow dog of 2 years of age to assess gestational sonographic. During the examination was found pregnancy to term with all but viable fetuses in distress. In one of the fetuses was noted increase of amniotic fluid with the presence of cell structures and tubular echogenic floating in the liquid that were covered in umbilical region, suggesting the presence of herniation of bowel. Because the finding of fetal distress, the animal was sent to emergency cesarean surgery. The malformed fetus was reanimated, presenting vital signs positive soon after birth. The hernial content was evaluated in the possibility of reduction surgery. Due to the large extra-abdominal bowel and the appearance of thickened and necrosis of the same, it was decided to euthanasia of the animal. Despite the difficulty in diagnosing congenital malformations to the ultrasound examination, according to the number and size of fetuses dogs, the ultrasound examination showed sensitivity in the diagnosis of fetal omphalocele. Due to shortage of references ultrasound diagnosis of congenital malformations, it is necessary more records of them as some can be detected in the examination routine.

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A,R, Assis
Campo Grande, MS

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