Mitomycin-C Associated to Surgery to Treat Canine Conjunctival Hemangioma
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2009
D.N. Cremonini; J.J.T. Ranzani; C.V.S. Brandão; M.G. Sereno; J.L.V. Chiurciu; G.T. Angélico; N.M.G. Vieira
School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, State University of São Paulo, Botucatu, Brazil

Canine conjunctival tumors of vascular endothelial origin are common, although under-reported. Primary involvement occurred within non pigmented epithelium along the leading edge of the nictitating membrane and temporal bulbar conjunctiva. The etiology remains unknown; however, the strong site predilection, involvement of non pigmented epithelium, and development within specific breed classes strongly suggest ultraviolet (UV) light as a significant risk factor. Early surgical therapy is recommended and may be curative; however, recurrence is possible. A one-year-old female Great Dane dog was presented with a red mass protruding from the bulbar conjunctiva of left eye. The mass was surgically excised on microscopic magnification. On histopathologic examination the tumor was composed of neoplastic mesenchymal cells forming irregular and channels containing blood, characterizing hemangioma. The surgical wound healed successfully, but after two years there had been recurrence of the mass. Surgical excision and adjuvant mitomycin-C was used to treat the recurrent hemangioma. After de resection of the mass, mitomycin-C 0.04% was applied on the excised area during one minute, then was washed with saline solution. In the pos-operatory period was applied ofloxacin drops four times daily and mitomycin-C 0.04% drops three times daily during seven days. After this period the excised area was hyperemic and irregular and dexamethasone 0.1% drops four times daily was prescribed to reduce the inflammatory reaction. No recurrence of ocular hemangioma was evident two years following this period. Surgical treatment of conjunctival tumors is normally efficient when extended excision was performed, however relapses may occur, requiring further surgery. Mitomycin-C is used to treat sarcomas in combination with other chemotherapies, but there are no reports in ocular hemangiomas. In this case report, the combination of surgery and topical chemotherapy was effective for the treatment of conjunctival hemangioma, showed no recurrence in two years follow-up.

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D.N. Cremonini
School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
State University of São Paulo
Botucatu, Brazil