Finishing the Pregnancy by Using Dopamine Agonist (Cabergoline)
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
Alireza Zahedi Abdi, DVM

In this trial, 3 leash of bitches, which 22-23 days has gone away (passed) from their mating, were chosen to find out the efficiency and side effects of dopamine agonists (cabergoline) on finishing the pregnancy at the first half of pregnancy. The pregnancy of such bitches were accepted according to their previous in maintenance of mating and blood progesterone concentration detection (which was 17.53±3.14 a week before the beginning of treatment and was 22.6±3.43 at the beginning of treatment (P<0.05).all of the treated bitches were taken 10 µg/kg of cabergoline daily, during 10 days of treatment period, per oral.

Four leash of bitches with similar mating previous (without any treatments) were chosen as control group (witness team).blood progesterone concentration was 0.015±0.04 at the beginning of treatment and was reached to 0.06±0.013, 72 hours after beginning of treatment (P>0.07).

The plasma progesterone concentration in treated bitches reached to 11.67± 3.5 ng/ml, 24 hours after the beginning of treatment and 1.4±0.22 ng/ml, 72 hours after beginning of treatment. At the end of 96 hours after beginning of treatment it reached to 1ng/ml (0.5±0.013) (P<0.05).all of the treated bitches didn't have any special side effects during the period of treatment, and during the month after treatment period. They also didn't show any abortion and vaginal secretion signs. It sounds like that finishing the pregnancy in treated bitches is happened as fetal resorption. All of the dogs in control group have normal (natural) parturition after passing the normal period of natural pregnancy. It seems like that using the high dosage of cabergoline results in finishing the pregnancy as fetal resorption at the first half of pregnancy in treated bitches, without any side effects.

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Alireza Zahedi Abdi, DVM
West Azarbayjan, Iran

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