Anaesthetic Effects of Graded Infusion Rates of Propofol and Premedicated with Medetomidine in Puppies
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
Kwang-Ho Jang; Jae-Hyun Lim2, DVM, MS; Hwan-Soo Jang1, DVM, PhD; Ji-Hun Kim2, DVM
1Department of Pharmacology School of Medicine and 2Department of Surgery, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kungpook National University
Republic of Korea


In the adult dog, the combination medetomidine 30 ug/kg and propofol 0.2 mg/kg/min was known to provide a sufficient surgical anesthesia. However, the little data are available concerning anesthetic effects in puppies treated with medetomidine and propofol.


This study was performed to evaluate anaesthetic effects of variable infusion rates of propofol in beagle puppies premedicated with medetomidine.

Materials and Methods

After medetomidine premedication (30ug/kg) and propofol induction (2 mg/kg), dogs were maintained with 0.2 mg/kg/min (P0.2), 0.4 mg/kg/min (P0.4), 0.6 mg/kg/min (P0.6), and 0.8 mg/kg/min (P0.8) of propofol infusion for 90 minutes. Rectal temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, pedal reflex, echocardiogram, propofol concentration, arterial pressure, blood gas analysis and recovery times were recorded.


The changes of heart rate, systolic pressure, rectal temperature and pH after propofol infusion were not significant. Respiratory rate and PO2 were significantly decreased in the P0.6 and P0.8. PCO2 were significantly increased in the P0.6 and P0.8. Propofol concentrations were increased in dose-dependent manner, and were significantly increased after 30 minutes in P0.6 and P0.8. Surgical anaesthesia determined by pedal reflex were produced in P0.6 and P0.8


In puppies, infusion with 0.6 or 0.8 mg/kg/min of propofol produced a surgical anaesthesia. However, their application should be cautious in puppies because of changes in blood gas and heart failure.

Speaker Information
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Kwang-Ho Jang
Kyungpook National University
Republic of Korea

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