Clinical Applications of Acupuncture: A Variety of Cases Studies
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
Linda Boggie, DVM, IVAS Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Dierenkliniek Deventer
Colmschate, The Netherlands

The following cases are presented as examples where acupuncture has been used when Western medicine has not been able to help, in conjunction with Western medicine or for medical cases where a Western Medical diagnosis could not be determined and acupuncture was used to resolve clinical symptoms.

Case 1

 "Pokey", 6 month old male DSH kitten, fan belt injury

 Presented to emergency clinic; treated for shock and trauma--O2 , fluid therapy, IV dexamethasone sodium phosphate and antibiotics

 Wound on left hind limb was addressed; kitten was unable to walk at the time; urinary incontinence; continued with dexamethasone therapy for 3 consecutive days with no change in condition

 Presentation at hospital:

 Second lesion discovered over dorsal lumbar spine, crossing over caudal aspect of spinal cord and cauda equina

 Kitten was not able to walk, deep pain present, exaggerated patellar reflexes, no fecal or urinary control; unable to urinate--would leak urine from overflow

 Rest of PE normal

 WDx: severe trauma to lumbar spinal cord, cauda equina segment of spinal cord

 CMDx: severe Qi and Blood stagnation in the Jing luo

 Adv: debridement of second lesion under anesthetic and acupuncture

 Anesthetic: Acepromazine / Ketamine/ Valium induction, maintained w/ halothane

 Sx: routine debridement and closure of all wounds

 At the end of surgery acupuncture was begun

 AP: BL 23, BL 28, BL 40, ST 36; all points bilateral

 Electroacupuncture (EAP) between BL 23 and BL 28, BL 40--BL 40, 10 minutes

 Upon recovery from anesthetic the kitten was able to walk in the cage; defecation was normal, still had incomplete urinary control

 Sent home the next day with antibiotics and a prescription for urecholine and dibenzylene for urinary function; the owner never filled at the pharmacy

 One week later upon recheck, lesions were healed; kitten was doing well at home; urination and defecation were normal

Case 2

 "Ashley" Combs; 12 yo, MN, Silky Terrier

 3 month history of abnormal urination and very agitated behavior

 Urinating copious amounts of urine which was tepid to cool to the touch

 Very hyperactive, excessive panting, barking

 PE: slightly overweight, red injected mucous membranes--eyes, gums; coat slightly dry and flaky, heart and lungs auscultated normal, abdominal palpation normal, temperature--normal

 CME: Tongue--reddish purple, turgid (swollen)

 Pulses--rapid, thin, tight

 BSP--BL17, 18, 23 tender

 Western Dxc: CBC and Chemistry panel--normal

 Urinalysis--NAF except low specific gravity


 LDDS--normal--no indication of Cushing's Syndrome

 WDx: Undetermined

 CMDx: Heat trapped above, Cold below--Qi not circulating normally between the 3 jiaos

 AP: GB41, BL17, CV 17, 12, 6, BL 23

 70% improvement in clinical signs after first treatment

 Decreased amount and frequency of urination, normal temperature

 Not as agitated and hyperactive, mm not as red/ injected, sleeping better at home

 Repeated same acupuncture treatment twice--full resolution within 3 weeks

Case 3

 "Saartje" Balke


 Initial presentation for abdominal pain, pain with walking, obstipation, upwards arrow borborygmi--treated with Buscopan compositum® (used for abdominal cramping), laxatract® (laxative)


 Same complaint--painful abdomen

 Radiographs--decreased disc space between T12-13?

 Rx: Previcox® 57mg 1Tq24h


 Paresis of hindlimbs, downwards arrow conscious proprioception and correction reflexes; ataxic, painful, intact spinal reflexes and deep pain

 Tx: Solu Delta Cortef® (methylprednisolone sodium succinate) 50 mg IV

 04/10/06-13/10/06 (Seen on 05/06/10/11 Oct)

 Continued paresis, no correction reflexes; deep pain +, urination and defecation +, patellar, cranial tibial reflexes and anal reflex present

 DDx: IVDD between T10-L4?

 Tx Plan: Solu Delta Cortef®, 30 mg/kg, IV, 3 consecutive days

 AP done by referring veterinarian

 AP: BL 18, 20, 23, 27, BL60/KID 3, SP 9, Lumbosacral Baihui (LSBH)

 Relapse on 10/10/06--SDC--2 injections and AP on 13/10/06


 First visit:

 Abnormal gait--paretic, primarily drags HL, will bear weight when supported, developing contracture of HL--will sit with HL under abdomen; downwards arrow CP and correction--bilateral

 Pulses--tight, turgid, very thin; Tongue--RED

 AP: KID 3/ BL 60, BL 40b, Weigen, GV3, BL 21, GV 14, KID 1b, GB and BL Jing-well points-b, ST 36l, Weijian

 Rx: Xiao huo luo dan--for pain and stagnation in the back

 Shou wu tang--for Blood deficiency, strengthens knees

 Prednisone 5 mg, 1T q24hr for 2 days then ½ T q24hr

 Instructed: massage muscles along back and lateral aspect of HL, also slow stretches of the HL to prevent contraction of hip flexors


 Much improvement, more normal sitting posture, able to bear weight for longer periods of time and controlled steps

 P: better, still tight, thin

 T: reddish pink

 AP: points as above, much quicker response to Jing-well point stimulation!

 Plan: continue herbs, decrease prednisone ½ T q48hr


 Doing well, going for short walks; walks well on the carpet, better foot placement, very active in exam room

 P: even, slightly wiry

 T: pink

 BSP: cool in lumbar region, no sensitivities

 AP: KID 1b, ST 36r, BL 40b, Weigen, GV 3, BL 17, GV 14; BL, GB, ST Jing-well points--all very reactive!!

 Plan: discontinue prednisone, continue with herbs

 15/11/06--07/02/07 (Seen on 29/11, 27/12)

 Continual improvements at home, long walks, fairly normal gait

 BSP: no sensitivity but holds back in an arched position

 AP: BL40b, KID 1b, Weigen, Jian jiao-l, BL 26,23,28, GV14, BL10, GB 41r


 Great at home, playful, walking well, better development of b. femoris mm, especially on RHL; now turning to both sides evenly; not shedding as much as she has in the past in spring

 P: good

 T: pink!

 BSP: BL 17, 18 tender

 AP: BL 40b, LSBH, BL 23, ST 42l, BL 21, GV 14, BL 10

 Herbs: Shou wu tang--continue to nourish Blood and support knees

 Du huo ji sheng tang--more support of hindlimbs

 28/03/07 Doing super at home; owner noticed a difference with the herbs--she is definitely stronger in the HL--jumping on the bed and the couch! But noticing she is not as stable sometimes, Is itchier--always in spring

 P: LU and HT positions a little weak, the rest normalT: pink

 AP: Yang Qiao Mai--BL 62b, BL 57l, Ba shan-b, GV4, 5, BL 21,18, GV 14, 16, CV 17, LU 7--after insertion of LU 7 the LU pulse position improved.

 Herbs: added Bai he gu jin ke li--to address LU deficiency in nourishing the skin

Case 4

 "Timber" Schuurman, 6.5 year neutered male Swiss Shepherd, (29/08/2000)

 Was cryptorchid (left)

 Skin allergy complaints since 14 months of age--pruritis, local and general

 WDxcs: skin scrapings, allergy testing--all negative

 WTx: placed on Z/D Ultra, off and on prednisone, Moderin®, (methylprednisone),Voreen® injections (dexamethasone), antibiotics and ear medications prn; changed diet to ostrich and rice--helped for 4-5 mo

 At 3 years developed chronic GI problems--vomiting and diarrhea

 WDxcs: Bloodwork; parasite exam; Abdominal Ultrasound--all NAF; Utrecht University--Endoscopic exam/ biopsy--slightly red intestine; bx--NAF

 WTx: metronidazole, Primperid® (metoclopramide), Finidair Forte® (GI absorbent), Buscopan®, Largactyl®

 13/12/04 First AP exam

 Ostrich and white rice diet for 2.5 years, no other supplements

 Big drinker, takes a long time to urinate, no upwards arrowfrequency

 Stool pudding to watery diarrhea, no odor, undigested rice seen

 Vomit--yellow, sometimes watery, sometimes with digested food

 No aggression; Itchy skin--generalized; Pale nose

 Pulses: Right side weaker overall; Left side--wiry

 Tongue: pale pink at edges, lavender in center; foamy saliva in excess

 BSP: BL 17, 22, 23, weak in lumbar area; hip extension okay

 CMDx: SP Qi deficiency, LIV Blood Deficiency, KID Qi (Jing?) Deficiency

 AP: KID3b, SP6b, BL40b,26, LSBH, CV12, LI 10r, LI 4l, BL21,17,GV14,ST36r.


 External Wind--nourishes blood, relieves itch (Jing Tang Herbal)

 Si jun zi tang--nourishes Spleen and Stomach

 Panzyme®--pancreatic enzyme supplement


 Normal stool for first two days; downwards arrowitch, stool now like pudding

 P: SP and KID Yin soft, turgid on left

 T: thin, white coat, excess phlegm/ saliva, frothy

 BSP: BL 23, weak BL 24-26

 Chewing where the hair was clipped--skin is pink, dry, flaky rightwards arrow Blood def.

 AP: KID 3b, SP 6l, ST 36r, BL 40b, LSBH, BL 26, 23, 17, GV 14, LI 10r, LI 4l


 One episode of vomiting, diarrhea the first few days after AP, now better

 Scratching at ears, face, axillary region, chewing at feet and hocks

 P: all bounding superficially, with pressure all soft, esp. LIV

 T: pink edges, lavender center

 BSP: BL 19,23,24; stronger in lumbar region

 SP Qi and LIV Blood def, Stagnation in LIV and GB channels, Wind

 AP: LIV 3b,SP 6l, ST 36b, GB 31r, LIV 8l, BL 17, GB 20b, TH 17r, TH5r, PC6l


 Itch worse--all over, shedding, stool is very good! No vomiting

 P: left side--strong, turgid; right--weak, esp. SP

 T: lavender, superficial cracks, dry, foamy saliva, pink edges

 BSP: BL 23

 Nose continues to darken

 AP: LIV 3l--pulse difference between left and right side evened out, SP weak

 LI 4r,l, LIV 3r, SP 6, GB 31l,BL 40l, GB 44l, BL 20, 17, GB 21b, LI 11left, massaged jing-well points


 upwards arrowSi jun zi tang--double dose

 Xiao yao san--nourishes Liver and smoothes Liver Qi

 Continue External Wind


 Doing better--normal stool, no vomiting, pruritis is improved

 Over next 4 months continued to do well overall but not 100%


 Began using Chong Mai

 AP: SP4l, KID 3l, KID 7r, ST 25rrightwards arrowKID16r, KID16l, KID 22r, BL26, 21, PC6r

 Herbs: added Si shen pian--nourishes Kidney Essence, stops diarrhea due to KID Qi or Yang deficiency

Timber now does well on regular food mixed with fresh cooked food, occasional problems with itching and on rare occasions he vomits. He is on the Si shen pian in the winter to support the Kidneys.

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Linda Boggie, DVM, IVAS Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist
Dierenkliniek Deventer

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