Comparison of Toggle Pin Stabilization and Iliotrochanteric Suture for the Treatment of Hip Luxation in Dogs
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2007
Andre L. Selmi, DVM, MS, PhD; Bruno T. Lins, DVM, MS; Bianca M. Penteado, DVM

Hip luxation (HL) is common in dogs and numerous methods for stabilization of the hip joint following open reduction have been described. The purpose of this study was to evaluate long-term clinical and radiographic results of the iliotrochanteric suture (ITS) and toggle pin stabilization (TPS) for HL in dogs. Forty-three dogs with unilateral HL were studied. Data from medical records included signalment, side and direction of luxation, type of surgical repair, time for use of the limb, lameness score (LS), range of motion (ROM), presence of radiographic signs of osteoarthrosis (OA) and whether complications developed. LS, ROM and OA were obtained at 10 and 30 days after surgery and between 12 and 36 months post-operatively. Mean age at presentation was 4.6±1,3 years, 53% were males, mean body weight was 18,4±3,9 kg, and the right hip was affected in 54% of cases. Thirty-seven luxations were classified as craniodorsal, 4 cranioventral and 2 caudoventral. TPS was performed in 19 hips whereas ITS was performed in 24 joints. Time for use of the limb was significantly shorter in the TPS group (3,4±0,8 days) compared to ITS (6,8±2,7 days). The LS decreased with time similarly in both groups, whereas OA developed slightly in both groups following surgery. ROM was similar for both groups, however hip flexion was decreased at 10 and 30 days in the ITS operated dogs. Reluxation occurred in three TPS-treated hips and in five ITS-treated hips. Results of this study suggest that TPS allows earlier mobilization of the operated hip.

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André L. Selmi, DVM, MS, PhD
Universidade Anhembi Morumbi
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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