Doppler Imaging of the Orbital Vasculature of the Normal Domestic Short Hair Cats
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
D. Vosough, M. Masodifard
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Bahonar, Kerman, Iran


Blood velocity parameters of the orbital and ocular vasculature can be no invasively assessed and measured by Doppler imaging. The purpose of this study was to blood velocity measurement in orbital vasculature.


A total of 4 (male) previously healthy DSH cats were selected. General Electrics Voluson 730-Pro ultrasound equipment with linear trapezoid 5-12 MHz transducer was applied for all the examinations. Vessels identified a majority of the time, include: external ophthalmic artery (EOA), and internal ophthalmic artery (IOA) and the following Doppler parameters were measured, peak systolic velocity (PSV) and diastolic velocity (EDV).


Mean PSV, EDV, at the EOA were 13.3, 6.1, and the mean PSV, EDV, at the IOA were 12.8, 6.5, and 0.607.


Doppler imaging has the potential for determining no invasively and consecutively the blood velocity parameters found in orbital and ocular diseases, including orbital inflammations and neoplasia; intraocular inflammations and neoplasia; vascular diseases including systemic vascular disease (hypertension) vasculopathies, and anemia; the glaucoma; and document able follow-up after medical and surgical treatment of these diseases.

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D. Vosough
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Bahonar
Kerman, Iran

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