Evaluation of Cytokines Concentration and Percentage of Survival of Rabies Virus Infected Mice
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
J. Megid1, C.M. Appolinario1, A.M. Mazzini1, M.F. Almeida2
1UNESP, School of Veterinary Medicine, Botucatu -SP, Brazil; 2Center of Zoonosis Control, São Paulo -SP, Brazil

High percentage of survival correlated with low IL6 serum concentration in mice submitted to post exposure treatment with Fuenzalida Palacios Vaccine associated to Propionibacterium acnes was described in previous works. Considering the substitution of Fuenzalida Palacios by Vero antirabies vaccine in almost all countries the objective of this work was to evaluate the percentage of survival and cytokines serum concentration of rabies virus infected mice treated with P. acnes associated or not to antirabies VERO vaccine in different post exposure treatment protocols. For this swiss mice were experimentally infected with street rabies virus and submitted or not to VERO antirabies vaccine and P. acnes as immunomodulator. Animals were killed at different times and serum was collected in order to evaluate cytokines concentration. Highest percentage of survival was observed in animals submitted to P. acnes in one or two doses followed by animals submitted to antirabies vaccine alone or with three doses of P. acnes. The group that presented the higher percentage of mortality also presented the higher IL6 concentration on the 10th day correlated with clinical symptoms of the animals. These results reinforce the importance of IL 6 concentration on rabies virus pathogenesis.

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J. Megid
School of Veterinary Medicine
Botucatu , São Paulo, Brazil

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