Evaluation of Suppressing Effect of Ketamine Oral Spray with Oral Ketamine on CNS in Cat
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
B. Habibi Asl1, E. Issabeagloo2, R. Kaffash Elahi3, J. Mahmoodi3
1School of Pharmacy, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Daneshgah, Tabriz, Iran; 2Medical Sciences Faculty, Islamic Azad University Of Tabriz, Manzariye-Soleymankhater, Tabriz, Iran; 3Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Islamic Azad University Of Tabriz, Jadde Basmenj, Tabriz, Iran


Ketamine is known to provide anesthetic effects when is administrated parentral. Ketamine has a low intestinal absorption in human (20 ± 7%). The aim of this study was evaluation of suppressing effect of ketamine oral spray with oral ketamine mixed with milk or meat on CNS in cat.


Ten cats received Ketamine in mixed of milk or meat (30 gr) or oral spray. Different doses of Ketamine (20, 40, 80, 120 mg/kg) in different route administrated. Each animal was observed continuously by a winded observer for CNS depression as graded on the behavioral scale shown in under. Our scales for CNS depression were: 0: Normal, 1: Slight ataxia, 2: Marked ataxia, 3: Loss of righting reflex, 4: Immobility, 5: No reaction to pain. Quantal data were obtained by determining the percentage of animals which lost the reflexes (above scores) for each dose. Peak scores for each dose and the percentage of animals that reached each peak score is given.


Animals accepted Ketamine administered via the Oral spray route better than that given other way. Different doses of ketamine showed dose dependent effect. Oral spray use of Ketamine lead to more and persistant depressive effects. 100% of animals showed No reaction to pain (score = 5) in ketamine (120 mg/kg) oral spray way. Depressive effects of ketamine (20, 40 mg/kg) were weak in cat.


Ketamine as oral form (Syrup) in mixed with milk is not appropriate for cat, because of low PH and unpleasant taste. Ketamine was taken oral spray was useful. Our findings suggest that the ketamine oral spray administration should be selected for anesthetic effects in cat.

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B. Habibi Asl
School of Pharmacy
Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Daneshgah, Tabriz, Iran

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