Clinical Study of Type I Collagen Cell Binding (Pepgen-P15®) in Advanced Periodontal Lesions in Dog
World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress Proceedings, 2006
M.A. Gioso, D.G. Ferro
Universiadade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

The aim of this study is to evaluate the response attachment loss, periodontal pocket and II and III furcation lesion of tooth 3 and 6 month after application of collagen cell-binding peptide (PepGen P-15®). Twenty four dogs from the FMVZ-USP Veterinary Hospital were anesthetized in order to periodontal treatment and 91 tooth faces with attachment loss was treated. From it, 45% (41) received P-15 and 55% (50) constituted control group that received conventional treatment (flap and root planning). Eighth tooth had furcation lesions. Five received the peptide and 3 do not. The procedure was documented by radiography and photography from the periodontal probing. After 3 and 6 month, the animals were re-anesthetized in order to realize new photography, radiography and periodontal probing exams. From furcation tooth treated with P-15, two exhibit reduction of furcation degree, two do not change it condition and one had furcation enhanced after 6 month. The conventional treatment group presents 1 tooth with furcation reduction and no changes in 2 teeth. The 41 attachment loss faces that received graft material exhibit 40% of regeneration rate after 6 month. The control faces do not change it attachment level. The palatal face present the better regeneration rates (40%) and the canines and molars were the better tooth responses (57.14% and 65%, respectively). There was no post-surgical infection related to oral home care, despite the fact that just one owner (4.16%) had reported diary tooth brush on his pet. This data permits to conclude that the P-15 helps the more rapidly periodontal structures re-attachment e regeneration, including alveolar bone. Its application is easy and practical and the post-surgical complications incidence is poor. Nevertheless, more studies and researches are necessary to evaluate the formed bone and periodontal ligament amount and the quality.

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M.A. Gioso
University of São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

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